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As I’m a filmmaker I learn about myself and about the outer world through filmmaking. I like the kind of storytelling that tells something difficult or painful in a simple way without scaring anyone away. Like a hug to people that feel unprotected and scared. Peak oil and the effects of climate change is indeed scaring to me. (I came in contact with the concept of Peak Oil in 2007 and made this animated film on the subject in 2014). In 2015 I came in contact with the concept of Agroforestry and have since then been eager to learn more about it. Making this film, I have come to believe that the environmental, economic and fossil energy based crisis converging, at the same time brings great possiblities for change. If we learn how to transform the landscapes that feeds us according to natures conditions. If we accept our comming mission: to regain health – on a personal level, for ecosystems and in social and economic structures.

By my side I have my husband Lars Nordén, animator and lately also drone photographer. In the ”Life within planetary boundaries” project I have also collaborated with photographer Jonas Embring, photo below.