(50 min,) Life within Planetary Boundaries, part 1 – Down to Earth. Based on an interview with Swedish author David Jonstad and research leader Johanna Björklund, with focus on fair and sustainable food production and agroforestry.

(53 min,) Life within Planetary Boundaries – Agroforestry. Based on interviews with agroforestry experts Martin Wolfe, Martin Crawford, Phlipp Weiss and Johanna Björklund. (The film is also on Youtube).

Producer: Maja Lindström, ParadigmshiftFilm. Script & editing: Maja Lindström. Photo & sound: Lars Nordén (dronephotography) Jonas Embring (Interviews etc) Maja Lindström, Per-Henrik Mäenpää, Jeremy Gugenheim, Peter Clitheroe, Outhouse Filmworks. Music: Claes Nygren, Jessica Pehrson etc.

Om filmerna: Det finns vägar till en välfärd som inte fråntar våra barn möjligheten att leva väl. Genom att förenkla, lokalanpassa och genom att efterlikna de naturliga ekosystemen när vi bygger matproduktionssystem, kan vi leva gott och etiskt inom planetens gränser.  About: There are ways to prosperity that don’t undermine the foundations for future generations’ well-being. By reinventing simplicity, localizing and learning from nature’s own solutions, we can prosper within planetary boundaries. And by doing so, we can restore and heal on an environmental and personal level.

00-Tal Barn/00-Baby Boom Child (25 min, 2014, Vimeo: french subs, english subs) AWARDS: 1.) Awarded at FReDD Filmfestival, France. The motivation of the jury; ”Pour son originalité de scénario. Par son décor lunaire, il nous fait réfléchir sur l’après pénurie de pétrole.Un film sur la confiance de l’avant et le questionnement pour le futur. Une fin positive et alternative. Un visuel simple, techniquement facile mais une esthétique réussie.” 2.) Deauville Green Awards, France. 3.) 3 prize Baltic Herring Short film festival, Rauma Finland.

Synopsis/Treatment What answers do we owe to the generation born in the 21 century, whom will grow up post peak oil, in a world characterized by shortages? During a bicycle trip in near future, a mother gets some basic questions from her son on the epochal time of today. A dialogue in near future between a mother and her teenage son, about our dream of eternal economic growth, our short term way of planning ahead and our devastating dependence on oil.

The film is represented in two books on animation: ”100 Years of Animated Film” and ”The Complete Book of Animation techniques” both by Olivier Cotte.

Team: Scriptwriters: Maja Lindström & Lars Nordén. Director: Maja Lindström. Animation, 3d Modeling, 3d Construction, Technical Expert: Lars Nordén. Composer & Sound Design: Per-Henrik Mäenpää, Escapisimo 5.1. Photography, Editing, Set design, Facial expressions, Lipsynk: M. Lindström & L. Nordén. Operator Voice Recordings: Mario Adamson. Graphic Design: M. Lindström. Voices: Ingela Olsson & Anastasios Soulis. Produced by STORY AB with the support from Swedish Arts Grants
Committee, SFI/Swedish Film Institute and Film i Dalarna 2014.

SCREENINGS 2014 – 2016
Goteborg International Film Festival
, Sweden
Busan International Shortfilm Festival, Korea
Encounters Short and Animation Film Festival Bristol, UK
Deauville Green Awards, Deauville, France. Awarded
FReDD, Film, Recherche et Développement Durable, France. Awarded
Iran International Green Film festival

Tricky Women International Animation Festival, Vienna, Austria
Framtidsveckan Båråsregionen, Sweden
Kinovi[sie]on, Innsbruck, Austria
Japan Animation Society, Tokyo
Korea Green Film festival, Seoul, Korea
Festival Internacional de Cine Medioambiental De Canarias, Spain
SiciliAmbiente Film Festival Italy
Frijord-Mot nya tider! Värmland, Sweden
Fantoche – International Festival For Animation, Baden, Swizerland
Baltic Herring Short film festival, Rauma Finland. Awarded
Small Is Beatiful Bristol, UK
Transition Days in Hökarängen Stockholm, Sweden
CineEco International Festival of Environmental Film, Seia, Portugal
Ådalens Filmklubb/Folkets Bio, Sweden
Ciclic: L’agence régionale du Centre pour le Livre, l’image et la culture numérique, Vendôme, France
Hola Folkhögskola Ekobruk, Nyland, Sverige
Green Up Film Festival – Sustainable Development & Green Economy, Brusseles, Belgium
Fantoche Special: Fumetto. (Übermorgen)
Archadia International Environmental film festival, Paris, France
Mapping Festival/Thechnology in future and past, Geneva
Kimmos vännkväll, Biograf Tellus i Midsommarkransen, Stockholm
Festival Intergalactique del’Image Alternative, Brest, France
Filmen distribueras av FReDD till franska högskolor och lärosäten.

Lidingöligan/The gang of Lidingo
(28 min 2009, not available on Vimeo anymore)

AWARDS: 1.) The Gang of Lidingo received The Swedish Short Story award/Novellfilmspriset 2009, instituted by SVT, the Swedish Public Television and SFI, The Swedish Film Institute, on the following grounds: ”A personal story with well-chiselled characters. Humorous interpretations of both young and old. A good narrative technique from an interesting angle. It amuses and alarms us pragmatic people of today with a both completed and uncompleted class journey.” 2.) Main Prize at the Baltic Herring Film Festival 2010 with the motivation: ”An innovative 3D animation Film with extremely interesting themes, eg. how easily children adapt to new (political) enviroments, how they need to (are expected to) defend their parents’ (political) wiews and last but not least, how evil children sometimes can be.”

Team: Scriptwriter, Director, Facial Animation: Maja Lindström. 3D-Modeling, Lip Sync, Animation, Technical Expert, Compositing: Lars Nordén. Composer & Arrangements: Øystein Vesaas. Sound & Mix: Mario Adamson & Peter Adolfsson. Set Design, Photography, Editing: Maja Lindström & Lars Nordén. Music Recordings & Mix: Lydkjøkkenet, Oslo. Voices: Liv Mjönes, Hanna Ardhén, Agnes Kantén, Stephanie OdessMöller, Lovisa Cosmo, Emil Persson, Annika Hallin, Benjamin Mollinér, Lotta Teijle, Johan Wahlström, Johanna Frostling och Nico Edwards. Producers: Mimmi Spång & Rebecka Lafrenz. Produced by Garagefilm International AB with the support from SVT Drama & Swedish Film Institute, & YLE Co-productions. © Garagefilm International AB.

TV/ BROADCASTED AT: SVT2./SVT PLAY & YLE. On-demand distribution in Japan by Warner Japan. Okto, Austrian TV. Distribuerad av Folkets Bio, Sverige.

Goteborg Film Festival, Sweden. (Premiere Jan, 2009)
Stockholm Film Festival Junior, Swe
Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Swe
Nordisk Panorama, Reykavik, Iceland
Drömfabriken, Svenska Filminstitutet, Stockholm, Swe
KomÅse, Uthomhusbio i Nyköping, Swe
Eksjö Animation Festival. Swe
Bokmässan i Göteborg. Swe
Objektivfestivalen, Tellus/Galleri Ropa, Stockholm. Swe
Stockholm Stadsmuseum, kortfilmsdag. Swe
Internationella Animationsdagen SAAVA, Stockholm. Swe
FIA Stockholm International Forum for Animation. Swe
Fantoche International Animation Film Festival, Switzerland
Asiana International Short Film Festival, Korea
European Animated Film Festival BALKAMINA
Animated Dreams/Black Nights Film Festival, Tallin, Estonia
Exground Film Festival, Weisbaden, Germany
Tricky Women Film Festival, Austria
Nordisk Panorama at Balkankult Foundation, Belgrade
Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, Germany
Go Short, International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, Netherlands
Animfest, Athens, Greece
Planete Doc Rewiew, Poland
Kurye International Video Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
River Film Festival, Padova, Italy
International Film festival Etiuda & Anima, Krakow, Poland
International Festival of Animated Films,Tindirindis
China International Animation and Digital Arts festival
WAT 2010, Tollywood Theater, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, Japan
The Klik!/Klops Animation Film Festival, Tartu, Estonia
Tokyo Northern Lights Festival. Japan
Baltic Herring Short Film Festival/Blue sea Film Festival, Rauma, Finland
Vendome Film Festival, France
Mångkulturellt Centrum i Tumba. Sweden
SI, Svenska Institutet, Webbfestival
Chimos Vänkväll, Bio Tellus, Sthlm, Swe

En nattsaga/A Night Story
(15 min, 2005, not available on Vimeo anymore)

PRISER/ AWARDS: 1.) The Swedish National Film Award The Golden Bug for best Swedish short film 2005. 2.) The 2005 Cultural Scholarship given by the City of Stockholm with the following motivation: “Maja Lindström’s film A night story clearly shows that 3D-animation is not only suited for childrens films. The immense grief that strikes a family is portrayed with poetry and great anticipation. It is impossible to not be deeply moved by her film.” 3.) A Special Mention at Nordisk Panorama – 5 cities Film Festival, Bergen, Norway in 2005, with the following motivation: ”The Special Mention is awarded to a film that uses simple elements and manners to express complex ideas and feelings. The soundtrack, imagery, and storyline all work together to create an authentic atmosphere and address a profound experience.”

”Il était une fois une maman qui n’allait plus exister. Après un court hongrois totalement hermétique, nous avions donc notre premier ”long-court”. J’appelle comme ça les films qui font plus de 10 minutes. C’est toujours attendu de ma part avec une certaine cironspection car ça peut être long à s’ennuyer dans une salle sombre. Coup de chance, la poésie qui se dégageait de ce film consacré aux derniers instants de vie en famille d’une mère atteinde d’une maladie qu’on devine incurable a fait qu’il s’agissait d’un des meilleurs films que j’ai pu voir de la semaine.”/Reviewer, MIFA, Annecy International Filmfestival, 2005.

Team: Scriptwriters: Maja Lindström. Director: Maja Lindström. Animation, 3d Modeling, 3d Construction, Technical Expert: Lars Nordén. Composer & Arrangements: Øystein Vesaas. Photography, Editing, Set design: M. Lindström & L. Nordén. Graphic Design: M. Lindström. Produced with the support from SFI/Swedish Film Institute.

TV / BROADCASTED AT; SVT, SVT Europa, SVT Kabel, YLE, Chukyo TV (Japanese Television). Distribuerad av Folkets Bio, Sverige.

Goteborg Film Festival, Sweden (Premiere Jan 2005) Awarded, ”Guldbagge”
Krakow International Festival of Short and Documentary Film, Poland
Annecy Festival of Animated Film, France
Tampere International Short Film Festival, Finland
Nordisk Panorama – 5 cities Film Festival, Bergen, Norway AWARDED a ”Special Mention”
Tempo Dokumenträr Film Festival, Stockholm, Sweden
Svensk Retro/Best of the 00-decade. Goteborg Film Festival, Sweden.
Svensk Animation fyller 100 år, Cinemateket
Hemse Filmstudios Jubileumsvisning 2015
Edinburgh International Film Festival, Ireland
Cork international Film Festival, Ireland
EPOC, ”Best of Annecy 2005”, Tokyo, Japan
Aarhus Film festival, Denmark (+ at the Art MuseumARoS, in Arhus)
ÖPPNINGSFILM – Bastads Filmfestival, Sweden
Archipelago, Festival of Short Film and New Images, Rome, Italy
Eksjo Festival of Animation, Sweden
Leipzig International Festival of Documentary and Animated Film, Germany
Imago Film Festival, Fundao, Portugal
Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia, Spain
EAARC Animation Series at The Red Cat, Los Angeles, USA
Cinemateket in Stockholm, Sweden
Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden (+ at the City Museum of Uppsala)
Les Nuits Magiques, International Festival of Animated Film, France
Leeds International Film Festival, England
Fox Days Film Festival in Helsinki, Finland
Oulu Film Festival, Finland
Animated Dreams, Estonia
Circuito Off, Venice, Italy
Vendome International Film Festival, France
DaKino Bucharest International Film Festilval, Romania
Animateka Kinodvor in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Cinéma Nordique i Rouen, France
Istanbul international Short Film Festival, Turkey
On tour around France organized by Centre Image in Château-Renault: Châteauroux, Richelieu, Orléans, Blois, Le Blanc, Bourges etc.
SHORTs moviefest St.Petersburg, Russia
Nuit la plus court, Paris. France
Animabasauri3, Spain
Ung Film på Lava, Stockholm, Sweden
The MULTIVISION animation festival, St Petersburg, Russia
Bimini Film festival, Lettland
Tabor Film Festival, Croatia
Animatricks Animated Film Festival, Helsinki, Finland
Oyakino on the Oya Festival, Oslo, Norway
Flimmer, Norrköpings Filmfestival, Sweden
12th Festival of European Films, Festival on wheels, Turkey
Osterby Short Film Festival, Dalarna, Sweden
Bildfest för barn och ungdom, Åland
Tindirindis Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania
Kinofest, Romania
‘Through A Panel Darkly’ cartoon exhibition at the Swedish ambassy in Tokyo, Japan
Kimmos Vänkväll, Biografen Tellus, Stockholm, Sweden
Cinemateket/ Lunchbio ”nedslag i kortfilmshistorien”, Filmhuset i Stockholm, Sweden
Nordic Shorts/Scandinavian House, Prag, Tjeckien

1998-2003 Diverse kortfilmer/Several short films.